Danielle Koren • Artist

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Danielle was born in 1964 in Petach Tikva, Israel to a Yemenite, Jewish family.

My Story so far

Shalom to you all.
I am an English teacher, a make up artist, but I worked mainly as an admistrator and book keeping in High-tech, hotels, and non profit organizations.
I grew up in Petach Tikva, Israel.
I had a rough, abusive childhood and I carried it into adulthood and into my marriage.
In 1988 I was "Born Again', which means that I came to faith in Jesus (Yeshu'a) the Jewish Messiah. I believe there is only one God, the God of Israel.
The Jewish Bible and the New Testament which is a testimony about Jesus (Yeshu'a) the only Messiah to save the whole world as expressed in Isaiah 53.
I started writing when I was very young, but only started painting in 2009, in South Africa as part of one of life Healing seasons.
I had the pleasure and the blessing of an amazing lady, my first therapist.

I love this poem by Rick Belden given to me by my therapist:

Nobody’s perfect
Nobody’s all bad
Nobody’s all good and nobody knows
What it's like to live in
Somebody else's skin.

I'd like to understand why people did the things they did
I'd like to know what was going on in their heads and their hearts
But the only thing I know for sure is that
I'm the last in a long line of lousy childhoods.

People tell me why can't you just get over it
Which really means why can't you just forget about it
But they don't understand that forgetting is not a solution because
What is left forgotten is left unhealed.

They don't understand that
I have to find all the pieces of myself that were shattered over the years
And lie scattered on the road to forgiveness

They don't understand that I have to face my ghosts
So I don't pass them on
to someone else
like someone else passed them
on to me.

I have to face my ghosts
I have to find them
I have to name them<
I have to know them
I have to set them free.

I was asked some interesting and at times challenging questions about my life or life in general and I could not find the words or the feelings to express it.
Each time I expressed any emotion,or expressed anything if in word or in action, my mother hit me real bad or found creative ways to kill my soul.
I had nothing left, all was buried inside me.
It was then that I started painting my answers on Canvas. It gave me the time to communicate the richness of my inner being, my feelings, my thoughts.
I found many treasures through the years, simple truths and much beauty in my life.

All the Art in this website are ideas on Canvas, my life journey expressed in color and with natural materials.
It is my privilege to share it with you all.
I created for myself just to find that others find encouragement in it for their own lives. So I started creating these ideas for them, finding creative ways to personalize it for them.
It brings such a delight to my heart, each time I create it for others.

My Art is dedicated to the God of Israel who brought healing to my life with each painting, each creation.
My Art is dedicated to Diana and Sharon, the two amazing therapists who accompanied me through this wonderful journey to healing and restoration.
Thank you three, for holding in your hand faith, love and hope until I was strong enough to hold it myself.
And to all of you looking through my website, may it bless and encourage you.

Most of my Art can be made for you, personally. Just look and see if something speaks to you.
Prices are not included, as it varies according to the Canvas size, box size and what materials you choose.

Enjoy and I pray that you will be encouraged by my life's amazing journey on Canvas.
Have a wonderfully blessed day,

Danielle Koren