I invite you to look at my paintings.

I started in 2009. I did not know that I could create these ideas on Canvas. My life journey expressed in paint and natural materials.

I started a healing season in my life that lasted 4 years, with an amazing therapist. I had no words to describe what I am feeling, thinking, pondering. I did not have words to use in order to express my innermost being, I had no words to answer life's deepest questions. So, I just had this passion to buy canvas and paints and start expressing. I look at the world from within my faith in Jesus the Jewish Messiah and the only God, the God of Israel.

Every painting is a free but tangible expression of my relationship with Jesus. Every painting is an expression of both Healing journeys I had in my life. Both therapists brought so much inspiration and delight to my artistic heart and soul. I grew much since then and started creating other things as well to encourage others along my way. I invite you to look and discover the wonders of my journey in God's love and word.

Enjoy and hopefully you will find encouragement and a new and fresh point of view over your own life. I can create almost every painting dedicated to the person requesting except a few of my master pieces. Those are dedicated specifically to a special person. I will be delighted to hear from you.

01 The Journey Home

This is my first painting, this is how I started.

I was thinking about what is the meaning of life, for me?
It took some time.

As you can see the center of my life, is God, He is the river of Living Water flowing within my soul, on the side of each riverbank something that looks like stones, but it is in Silver, it represents that the Lord is my silver lining.

The land around the river is fertile, out of it there are many flowers. These flowers represent the different things we go through in life, some in red to symbolize the hurtful things, some black symbolizes loss and dark times in our life. Some colorful symbolizing the beautiful, happy, amazing things in our life.
We each decide what to do with these flowers, I chose to gather it all into a song of praise to God, which shows an image of a person raising his arms in praise to God. This is the meaning of life for me.

I created 2 more paintings for others that came out in their favorite colors.

This is how I live my life, A song of praise and glory to my Beloved, Jesus.

02 Reflections

This is called "Reflections"

It represent my quiet time with God. God and my secret place where we meet and talk.

It is based on a photo I saw, it is a green place full of life, in this place, different things are reflected back from the mirrors.

This place is like the "tree of life" for me, giving me precious pearls of wisdom, understanding, healing, and insight.

This is like the Menorah that was placed in the Holy of Holies, at the Jewish temple so long ago, the only light that shines in this secret place. The middle of it is thicker than the branches, a symbol of God's rod and staff that guides and protects my life.

At the end of each branch, you can see something that looks like people praising God, this is to represent the fruit of this time and place with God. It brings appreciation, thankfulness, freedom, and joy.

I choose to hang this painting in a certain position on my walls where it reflects different lights and things around it.

03 Spices (Original)

I wanted to express what relationship with others means to me.

This canvas represents my life, which is a big and beautiful garden, this canvas only shows a part of it.

The ribbons represent the first encounter I have had with others. We all are beautiful in our own unique way,
Each ribbon represent a person in my life, the first impression we make on each other,
~In every encounter, we either give life or drain it, there is no neutral encounter~

Some people chose to pass through my life, like a butterfly.
Some people chose to come closer and stay in my life for the time given to us, these people go beyond the ribbons into our lives and make an imprint forever, like a flower forever in our garden, their ribbon becomes a flower.

But some people become our inspiration, where we touch each other's soul forever.

When that happens the ribbons fall away completely and the painting looks as it should, where God is the source of all our relationships, He brings those he chooses and He adorns each relation as the jewel in the center of each flower.

This painting is forever changing, forever expanding, forever growing, blooming. We have different seasons in our lives and many times those in our lives come and go. which is represented in the distance from my core, some are closer than others.

This painting calls me, to value, enjoy, delight, and celebrate those in my life.
This painting is forever in spring, I am called to water and care for the relationships in my life, to let it be the best it possibly can.

The song that inspires this painting is "True Colors" (https://youtu.be/QGOhveZW8us )

04 A moment in Time

This is dedicated to a wonderful woman chosen by God to inspire Healing and love in my life.
It was an amazing journey with this special lady.

Thanks to her inspiration I started painting and expressing myself.

It is a painting still in movement, development. It is a moment in time, where her colors and all the pearls she left in my soul. Still changing, still growing. It is not finished yet, but the pearls that came out of our time together are my great treasure for life.

My way to express the great blessing she has been in my life.
"In every encounter, we give life or drain it, there is no neutral encounter".
This website is dedicated to this special lady. Diana.
The one who brought so much life in every encounter. I praise GOD for her.

05 As saved from the fire

Often, My life seemed too much, constant struggle, constant challenges, I felt as I have nothing to show, no fruit. I felt as if I'm in a fire and everything in my life is just going up in flames,

Then, I remembered the verses in First Corinthians 3: 10-15 :
"By the grace God has given me, I laid a foundation as a wise builder, and someone else is building on it. But each one should build with care. For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ. If anyone builds on this foundation using gold, silver, costly stones, wood, hay, or straw, their work will be shown for what it is because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each person's work. If what has been built survives, the builder will receive a reward. If it is burned up, the builder will suffer loss but yet will be saved—even though only as one escaping through the flames."

This was the inspiration for this painting.

The background symbolizes the Fire, I used real pieces of wood, I burnt it, made holes, and layered it. Then the mirrors, Why mirrors? because in the fire - things are reflected back to us, who we truly are, who God is, our weakness, our sinfulness, our faith, our hope, our Beloved. Also, mirrors are made of sand and fire. It is the whole process of making glass and mirrors.

Fire is an amazing tool in God's hands.

On top of the wood, I wrote down verses from Psalms that helped me through some very difficult times and the fruits of the spirit. The things that sustain me from within, things to focus on, things to keep my faith and my eyes upon.

The fire brings to the light many gifts, talents represented by shells and pearls, a symbol for the fruit of God's fire in our lives. Pearls and shells take a long time to be made in the depth of the sea. It does not happen quickly, it is made in secret, where no one is watching.

It is God who makes it all. I am in His fire, I'm on this breathtaking journey with God, I am to rest in Him during these times and trust Him completely. He carries me through. Not me, He is!!!

I made one copy of it, for a young believer, Her painting was dedicated and personalized for her by writing her own verses and changing it a little.

06 Autumn original

This is called "Autumn".

When I reached my 50th, I felt as I have no fruit in my life to show God. My choices in life, seems to lead my life no where. And this painting was born. It is made of special thin wood, I broke it into small pieces and glued and weaved that into a tree,

why? Because every choice, every experience is a small piece of my tree, some are sharp, some smooth, a layer upon a layer. Our lives are made of our choices and some from choices made by others in our lives, big or small. God takes those choices and build us up as a wonderful tree.

The background is gold because this tree is standing in God's garden, in His light.

It is painted in black, gold, green, and brown, a symbol of all I went through in life. At the left bottom, I stuck burnt matches. Why? A match is something we choose to light, a symbol of the choices in my life. The matches fell down and lying at the foot of my tree. A reminder to choose well and to walk humbly before God and all men and women.

Then I found these fruits, these flowers - red ones. A symbol that my fruit in my life is covered by Jesus' blood. At the foot of the tree, there are pieces of wood, like planks, symbols to the plank that was put on the cross and said "King of the Jews", for me, personally, I wrote on them, the verses I love and that guided me up until now. Then in God's perfect time, he blows over my tree, and the fruits of my life fall off for His pleasure and delight.

The inspiration for it came from Song of Songs 4:12-16:

"You are a garden locked up, my sister, my bride; you are a spring enclosed, a sealed fountain. Your plants are an orchard of pomegranates, with choice fruits, with henna and nard, nard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon, with every kind of incense tree, with myrrh and aloes and all the finest spices. You are a garden fountain, a well of flowing water streaming down from Lebanon. Awake, north wind, and come south wind! Blow on my garden, that its fragrance may spread everywhere. Let my beloved come into his garden, and taste its choice fruits".

There are 2 songs written on this painting the one at the bottom in white is,
"It Is Well" (https://youtu.be/8Wb_WD1emFQ )

It is a symbol that all is well with my soul, no matter what.

The second song is "In Over My Head" (https://youtu.be/qv3-TDdD1pM )

which is a symbol, of my prayers to God and what I still seek to become.

You can see the light of God shines from the sides of the tree. God is with me always.
Also, there are red dots through the tree, it is actually a cross within my tree, his blood, his cross in my life.

I made 2 trees for 2 people, again I dedicated the painting to them, I change the colors of the flowers and the tree a little, as requested.

07 A Part of the whole

I worked with the Baptist organization in Israel for a while.
When I left, I wanted to give each of them a gift. We were like a family.
This painting is made from many different canvases joined together, and painted as one painting.

In the vine that connects them all I wrote verses and painted it like the parts are different but join together., each little canvas is different from the other, but they are all connected, a symbol to who we are as the body of Messiah, we all different but we are joined together as one body, one faith, one Lord, one spirit. We are different from each other but that is the beauty of it all.

We together look like a beautiful garden, we can not stand alone but together everything is as it should be, a powerhouse, amazing garden, for our Beloved's enjoyment.
Each person got a part of this painting, to remember that it is their part but they need each other.

They loved it so much, it is a very special representation of how we should be as the Body of Messiah. Although we like to join people who are similar to us, God is the one who puts us together as one, He chooses, He unites.

May we grow as one body, one spirit, one faith, and one Lord.

08 Kid`s Smile

I made it for really good friends in Cape Town, South Africa.

They lead a ministry for the street kids in Cape Town, https://www.thekingssmile.org It was another part of the painting "A Part of the Whole", I wanted to show how beautiful their ministry is and how it connects to others.

We never stand alone in the Body of Messiah. The First painting (with the yellow and red flowers at the edges of the painting) got stolen at Addis Ababa Airport, so I made them a copy (with the pink flower).

I wanted the painting to reflect them, how each child they touch through their ministry, is being planted well, blessed in God's love and grace. There are verses through the vines and there is a continuation to other ministries that will come in the future and join in. But what my precious friends are investing right now in the lives of these kids will forever flow out and wide, the kids are receiving love and care.

I wanted to express my wonder of my friend's heart to these kids and what it means in the short and the long run. I encourage you all to care for those who are helpless to help themselves.

This is one of the most amazing gift you can give, Hope, Faith, Love and yourselves.

09 Shadowlands, 2013

It has a deep meaning.
When I returned to Israel from South Africa, I was 49 years old.
I started with nothing. I had no money, I could not find a job. I felt as I was walking in a very dark place, I could not find my way, could not see how to sort it all out, and this painting was born.

It is dark but has some light in it, some green but it is hidden. if you look really close up, it looks as though there is no way out, like a thick bush, with no way through. While working on this painting I realized that in those dark, challenging moments in life, In order to see the way out, I need to look at the bigger picture, a bird's eye view.

God always makes a way where it seems there is no way, and so it was.
I waited on Jesus, and he made the way.

This painting is often requested, each time it comes out a little different, dedicated to the person who loved and wanted it.

This painting is linked to another painting that symbolizes the place that we come out to from "Shadowlands" it is called "The golden brick road".

10 Golden Brick Road

This is the place that God brings us to. Out of our seasons of shadowlands, a beautiful garden, full of color and light, and His river of life.

The Golden Road is built on water, a hint that Jesus walked on water and so would we.
He made this Golden road, we walk it with him, it is a royal and amazing place, our hope during the seasons of shadowlands in our lives. On the water, I wrote 2 verses from Psalms that reflect the hope in God. It is also a smiling reference to the movie "The Wizard of Oz", our search to go home, where we truly belong.

I made four copies of Shadowlands and "The golden brick road", It came out a little different. Again, I made it unique to those who received it.

The first one, I left the Psychiatric ward where My daughter was hospitalized, to encourage others. The second I made for a family who lost their loving father in a car accident, again to encourage them, the third - a young teen who was with Gaby at the hospital, who fell in love with it. I went to her house and helped her create her own version of it, and the fourth painting I did for another lovely young lady who has gone through terrible times.

They were greatly encouraged!

11 Sitting in His Shade

My inspiration for this painting came from Song of Songs 4:3

"Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest
is my beloved among the young men.
I delight to sit in his shade,
and his fruit is sweet to my taste".

In October 2013, I returned to Israel from South Africa with my 11yrs old daughter. I had almost nothing. I had to bring her back as she was quite sick. I left most of my stuff in South Africa and boarded a plane back to Israel.

I had no job, nothing to my name. I was asked "How do you feel coming back with nothing" and this painting was created. My daughter and I are small trees, resting, hidden under God's big tree, in His garden, He gives us shade, fruit, and light everything we need. The red drops are Jesus' blood covering us, I am His, I don't stand alone, ever! That is the truth I learned in my life. He is good all the time!!!! I am under His loving, faithful hands.

He will make a way where it seems there is no way.

I trusted God completely. I was still concerned and even scared. But I held His Hand. He did provide for us so much more than we needed.

I am forever thankful to God for His Grace and Mercies in my life.

12 We Dance

This painting expresses the secrets of my heart. I wanted to expressed how God is working in my life and what is hidden from the world, the beauty of His Healing Hands,

In the painting you see my heart as a big fire where all the things I lost, the things that hurt or wounded me, things I miss, things I still cry about, it appears as pictures of some of it, I did not have all what I wanted to put. It is burning in my heart.

I also burnt my prayer journal, and I sticked the pieces among the pictures, it is a symbol that this is forever a prayer within my heart.

I used burnt matches, as some of these are my choices or others.

And God's hands open, working within my heart. He burns his hands to symbolize that he hurts with me.

On his hands I wrote the words for the song.... this love... to represent God's love in my life and that he does it all because he loves me, "This Love" (https://youtu.be/vSil3vAXv3I )

Out of the heart, the words are from the following song... we dance - in this pain and fire, there is beauty that only He and I know, we dance together with love and adoration, "We Dance" (https://youtu.be/fFfw6OSbUwE )

If you look at the picture you will see that God surrounds me, His hands are open and he hugs me, while he works within my heart, we dance, I am embraced tenderly.

the cover over this secret place is actually the bottom part of my dress, the dress I am dancing with God with. It is golden covered with Flowers. Again, reference to the verses at Song of Songs 4.

I love this painting, it is hidden in my room.

13 Almost Home Part 1

I had therapy for quite a while.

I am thankful to God for bringing into my life, this amazing therapist. Sharon.
It was clear to me from our first meeting that I wanted to express the journey with Him,
From the point of view of my therapist and my own.

This one is my expression of what the journey means to me.
I based it on a Jewish Yemenite Bridal dress.

From the start of the journey I felt that God was preparing me to be free of the chains that held me for such a long time, he is adoring me with his glory, to dance before him, and all these amazing fruits he planted in my life will be all around me as a gift to Him. A beautiful presentation of giving myself to Jesus.

It is a painting that celebrate my life set free. It celebrate God's beauty in my own life.

On the sides of the painting, I wrote down the words From Song of Songs 4:12-16.
The leaves, the jewelry are not painted but are real jewelry, my own, the cloth over the painting is real, I wanted to give a real sense of movement to the painting.

The inspiration for that song was born out of this worship song, "Almost Home" (https://youtu.be/aYTTJmjrwWs )

This is the top part of another painting called "We Dance".

14 Almost Home Part 2

I had therapy for quite a while.

I am thankful to God for bringing into my life, this amazing therapist. Sharon.

It was clear to me from the first meeting that I wanted to express the journey with my therapist,
From the point of view of my therapist and my own,

This painting is from my therapist's point of view.

It was the first time I took one of my earlier paintings "Reflections" and completed it.
We have different seasons in our lives, in my own life God gave me two healing seasons with two different therapists. Diana and Sharon.

This painting represents what going on within my soul, Things become clearer and some things are falling off me, setting me free to live to the fullness of whom I was created to be.

Looking at it, you will see the tree, the Menora - there are silver stones along the tree branches - a symbol of the "silver lining", God is my silver lining in every part of my life, every situation.

The middle part, the thicker middle is paved with Golden stones along the length of it, - a symbol of God - His staff and His rod will comfort me.

It is an amazing presentation of how God is building my quiet place with him to be strong, magnificent, and full of his glory. it is so powerful to see it face to face.

The background is also lighter than the original, in this new one, I put together my first therapist's favorite colors as well as part of the background, they both are an everlasting part of the healing God brought into my life.

At the bottom of this painting, there is a grey mass, which represents the ashes of the past.

Out of the Ashes, the Phoenix rises, I am that Phoenix, we all are.

All we need to do is to give ourselves to God's Healing seasons.

Each Reflection's season brings many treasures into our lives represented by the pearls

This painting represents what Healing people, like a Doctor, therapist, are doing in our lives. They reflect back to us, what they see, they shine a light in the most painful and darkest moments of our lives and this helps us to rise up from the dust and fly freely.
We are called to be brave and face up to our fears, hurts, wounds, and scars, see how it influenced us, and make the changes needed.

Jesus is the conductor over each season of our lives, the captain of our ship, the wind in our sails.

He shines His light and keeps us going.

We are called to a relationship with Him, our tree of life, our Menora (the only light in the Holy of Holies) and He is our shepherd (our rod and our staff).

There are three songs that were the inspiration for this song...

The first one is "Almost Home" (https://youtu.be/aYTTJmjrwWs )

the second is "I Can Only Imagine" (https://youtu.be/ZNDEyxEMNp0 )

and the song of the ashes "I will return" (https://youtu.be/t5_t8h9aZ9c )

Around the edges are verses from psalms and on the top part, I put the names of my favorite books in the New Testament.

15 Motherhood

I wanted to express what motherhood means for me. I had 14 years of miscarriages, many of them.

When I was 37 I got pregnant for the last time and this time I gave birth to an amazing daughter.
I didn't know how to be a mom.

But at the moment that my daughter was born, a love so deep, so strong was born in me.
That is why the background of this painting is as in an ocean.
I chose special moment photos and the cards my daughter and I gave to each other.

Shells we found on different beaches,
I wanted to give it a feel of a coral reef, where we can all find so much life, beautiful treasures, delight, and joy.

That's what motherhood is for me, it's deep, meaningful, challenging, but breath-taking gift.
I dedicated it to my daughter.

16 A Delight

It was such a delight to paint with my finger and not with brushes.
This is an expression of my deepest senses and feelings, my innermost being.

I just let my spirit have the freedom to express itself.

The end result is breathtaking to me.

There is so much freedom and so many colors. I made one based on this, you can see it in the gallery.

This painting was created - inspired by the song "Overwhelmed"(https://youtu.be/BiGb14tTaH4 ).

17 Storm and Ashes

I have times when I feel so overwhelmed by life.

I feel the storm like lava bursting out of my own volcano and the world looks dark exploding with Ashes and lightning.

I listened to this song, "Ashes Like Snow" (https://youtu.be/0qPT7iBruzM )

And it was my prayer to God, looking for Him, in my darkest moments.
So I wrote the words of the song within the darkness of Ashes.
The Gold bursting on the top, it is when God brings in His light and calmness.

"Storm and Ashes", represents whom I call to when I am distressed until He answers me.

18 Tallit

A friend asked me to paint a Tallit (the Jewish prayer shawl) for him.

I chose to paint a closer look of the tallit and to personalize it for Him by writing his favorite verses on the tallit stripes.

He loved it very much.

19 The Loving Prayers

For my 56th Birthday, I asked those I love and love me.
For 7 wishes each.

At the end of each 7 wishes, I asked them to give me an image to put on a canvas, to reflect their heart for me, on my Birthday.
I added the Dove in the center, symbolizing the Holy Spirit working out these wishes, prayers into my life.
I love this canvas,

These precious, amazing friends who love and believe in me, who stand with me, are priceless.
This is to celebrate who they are in my life.
To celebrate the Life God is giving me every day.

20 Prayer Flower

I have met many people in my life, those who believe in Jesus and those who do not, and those that in hard times can not see anything good.

I wanted to create something that would be encouraging for them,

I got to know their favorite colors and took the painting "Spices" and what it means, and painted just one flower, a reflection of them in my life.

I wrote verses at the edges of each painting, verses of what I am praying for them.

I told them that when something good happens to them, they can write a verse or a date on the flower itself, hung the painting in a private place, where they see it often. During hard times to look at the painting and see that there is good in their lives even though it doesn't look like it, here and now.
There are more than 150 "Prayer flowers" around the world. It is a small canvas and can fit into a suitcase or easily sent out.
Some of those who received such a painting tell me how encouraging it is for them.

21 Autumn - made for a friend

This is a version of "Autumn" made for a friend.

22 Delight - made for a friend

I made this for a friend, it came out completely different, as I personalized it with her favorite colors. enjoy.

23 Spices - for a friend

A painting I did for a friend.

24 The Journey Home - for a friend

This is based on my own painting but personalize it for each person, their colors, their verses. etc